Families Anonymous Offers Support to Families of Drug Addicts

Families Anonymous Offers Support to Families of Drug Addicts

Drug addictions don’t just take their toll on the addict. These addictions can have a huge impact on the addict’s inner circle of family and friends as well. Many of these individuals struggle to live healthy lives themselves because they are so consumed with the health of the addict. Groups like Families Anonymous are helping many family members cope with what can seem like the loss of a loved one.

Those that have attended the course say that it has helped them realize that they must take care of themselves first before they can offer support to anyone else. Many parents of addicts struggle with guilt and may feel that they are somehow to blame. The classes teach participants that the addict has to be the one who wants to make the change and that no one else can force that decision on them.

One of the biggest revelations that family members gain through attending Families Anonymous is the discovery that they might be enablers. Many with good intentions have no idea that their actions may actually be helping the addict perpetuate his dependence. By providing financial resources, shelter, transportation, etc., a person becomes an enabler through which the addict would not otherwise be able to obtain his fix. And, it only takes one individual enabling to prevent recovery as these behaviors are particularly detrimental to the health of the addict.

As a life lesson, addicts need to understand that there are consequences for their actions. Once loved ones stop enabling, addicts are forced to face the repercussions of their poor decisions. Whether that means losing a job, being stripped of material possessions, going to jail, or destroying a relationship with someone they love, hitting rock-bottom may be the only means by which addicts are compelled to wake up and change their ways.

However, being strong and saying no to an addict is not easy – especially when the addict is someone you deeply care about such as a spouse, parent or child. That is where Families Anonymous comes in. It is free support network where struggling family members can remain anonymous and talk to others experiencing similar struggles. It provides a forum where participants can openly discuss the anxiety, apprehension, bitterness and frustration that they might be harboring.

Families Anonymous has individuals hosting meeting in most states, and meetings are also available online at familiesanonymous.org. Anyone who has experienced the negative effects of a loved one’s addiction is invited to attend.


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