10 Reasons to Get Treatment Over the Holidays

10 Reasons to Get Treatment Over the Holidays

Making the decision to get treatment for an addiction can be difficult. Unfortunately, many people never make the decision to go. Most people with drug and alcohol problems continue to suffer and allow their addiction to progress. Some try to stop on their own, only to relapse soon after. Every year over 85,000 people die due to alcohol consumption; over 17,000 die due to illicit drug use; 32,000 due to prescription drugs. This is a terrible toll – and it does not include those people who continue to live with the devastating effects of alcohol and drug abuse.

People with addictions often have plenty of reasons they can’t go into treatment. They can’t leave their job. They can’t leave their family. The truth, there is nothing so important that the addicted person should put off saving their own life.

The holidays present another dilemma: I can’t be away during Thanksgiving or Christmas! My family expects me to be there. Unless the family is in complete denial about the impact of the addiction, they likely will support the decision to get treatment.

Here are 10 reasons why the holidays are a good time to start.

1. The holidays are a slow time for many businesses and schools – sometimes this is actually the best time of year to take the time you need to build a foundation to stop using alcohol or drugs.

2. During the holidays there tends to be more alcohol use. This can encourage the addicted person to abuse substances even more.

3. Family members with serious alcohol and drug problems are not the life of the party – they tend to ruin the party. Do you want another ruined family event?

4. Getting treatment this time of year gives you the opportunity to start the New Year with a strong resolve to do what needs to be done to continue to stay off alcohol and drugs.

5. The holidays are a big time for families to give to one another. What greater gift can you give than becoming a whole person again who can fully contribute and be present for the family?

6. The holidays are often triggers for people with underlying issues such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. The treatment center can be a refuge, and programs that focus on dual diagnosis can help you work through these issues so future holidays are more joyous.

7. Treatment centers often have fewer people during the holidays. This means you will get the full attention of therapists and other clinicians. By overcoming this delay, you gain the benefit of even more individualized care

8. Holidays are just dates on the calendar. A true family holiday is one where every member is fully present and healthy. You can create your own family holiday any time when you are clean and sober.

9. Treatment centers, particularly small exclusive programs such as Promises Treatment Centers, invite the family to participate and they make sure holidays are not lonely. The staff is there to create a special day, and the fact you are clear-headed and growing will make it an exceptional holiday

10. You deserve it. No obligation in your life is worth continuing to suffer with an addiction. There is a fuller life waiting for you, but first you have to make the decision to just do it. Imagine next year’s holiday – how much more filled with joy it will be – if you are on the path of recovery.

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