Can I Use My Insurance?

Drug addiction treatment is a significant investment. While there’s no question that a life free from addiction is well worth the expense, understanding your insurance coverage can open up a wider range of treatment options.

A number of drug addiction treatment programs, including luxury and high-end centers, accept insurance. Depending on your plan coverage, the entire cost of drug rehab may be included, or your policy may cover only specific medical costs such as drug detox.

For those who don’t have insurance or whose coverage is minimal, there are also private loan options. Some drug addiction treatment programs offer payment plans and other forms of assistance. When your health and well-being are on the line, your employer, religious organization, family and friends may be willing to help cover the cost of drug addiction treatment or make a short-term loan.

Cost is a major concern, but it should never prevent someone from receiving the help they need. Insurance policies vary dramatically and reimbursement depends on a variety of factors that are unique to each situation. Reading your policy may feel like learning a new language. Call your preferred drug addiction treatment center to decode your policy and find out whether all or part of your treatment may be covered by insurance.

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Drug addiction is a progressive and deadly disease.

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