Comedian Russell Brand Addresses the Seriousness of Drug Addiction and Recovery

Comedian Russell Brand Addresses the Seriousness of Drug Addiction and Recovery

It’s his honest, say-it-like-it-is nature that may have led British comedian and celebrity actor Russell Brand toward both success on the job, and success toward drug addiction recovery.

Brand, who gained fame for serving as the MTV Video Music Awards in 2008 and as a role in the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” hasn’t held back in sharing information about drug recovery and the influence the drugs had on him. The actor has addressed his drug addictions in several interviews, stating that some of his odd public behaviors were the byproducts of drug abuse, which included heroin and alcohol.

Like others recovering from substance abuse addictions, Russell Brand has hinted that personal doubts or insecurities may have played a part in his addiction. While he is outgoing and self-assured on stage, the feelings on the inside, Brand says, may harbor more doubt. He has also admitted to overcoming sexual addiction, which is believed by many experts to be rooted more in self-esteem or fear of intimacy problems rather than an addiction to sex itself.

Brand also shed light on the depth and complexity of sexual addiction, stating that while attending a treatment center, he became more fully aware of the true reality and impact of emotions. The comedian also recovered from addictions to heroin and alcohol, and has compared sexual addiction to drugs because those involved in it are unable to stop – even though they are aware of the ways the addiction will destroy their life.

Also an author, Brand elaborated on his addiction in his work “My Booky Wook: A Memoir of Sex, Drugs and Stand-Up.” The book became a British best-seller and continues to get strong reviews for its melding of Brand’s comic thought process while presenting the truth about life with an addiction.

The actor and comedian is married to Katy Perry, a pop music star, and has stated that while addictions to alcohol or drugs can bring a sense of comfort for a time, he realized that they only brought him deeper into a place of not caring about his self-worth. Russell Brand’s road to recovery included encouraging friends, a commitment to counseling and a strong sense of steadfastness. Having declared himself addiction-free for several years, Brand admits that the work to remain this way is ongoing.

Today, Russell Brand says his odd public acts come more from lowered inhibitions and a sense of nervousness than the influence of drugs. The actor has said that many of the funny situations he finds himself in become public knowledge as he incorporates them into his humor routines – but that in all seriousness, recovery from substance abuse addiction is an endeavor that he focuses on one day at a time.

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