Two U.S. Senators Push for Police Training to Help Identify Drugged Drivers

Two U.S. Senators Push for Police Training to Help Identify Drugged Drivers

Recently, two United States Senators made a statement saying federal money from a proposed transportation funding bill should be used in order to train law enforcement officials to identify drugged drivers.

According to USA Today, the two senators believe the government needs to help police and other law enforcement officials get the training and tools necessary to attack a rising barrage of drugged driving incidents.

Currently police don’t have the necessary equipment to test for drugged driving and few have training to identify a driver who is impaired by drugs. Senator Schumer from New York says police officers need a technology similar to a breathalyzer test that would work to spot drivers who are drug-impaired immediately.

Schumer adds that with the huge rise in prescription drug abuse it is crucial for law enforcement officials to have tools and training that will help identify those who drive while drugged. The senator added that arrests rose in New York 35 percent due to drugged driving since the year 2001. There was a recent 2009 report in which Democrats cited results from 10.5 million in America who admitted they had driven while under drug usage. The National Traffic Safety Administration told Schumer that a road survey from 2007 showed over 16 percent of night and weekend drivers had tested positive for either over the counter drugs or illegal prescription drugs. Eleven percent of those had also taken drugs that are illegal.

Police are currently researching saliva tests has a potential tool to identify drugged drivers.

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