The Power of Hollywood in Fighting Addiction

The Power of Hollywood in Fighting Addiction

Hollywood has long been blamed for glorifying addiction in the portrayal its films. A lot of Americans look up to actors and actresses as role models – good or bad. And, actors have the power to personify cocaine as sexy, smoking as tough, and drinking as a means to greater popularity. However, Primary Purpose Productions, a non-profit organization, is leveraging the power of film for a good.

Substance abuse has affected the lives of many a star from the likes of Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, and Michael Jackson. But Jonathan Heap, whose directing skills earned him an Oscar nomination, and Lowell Cauffiel, a former author who now produces, have teamed up to tackle the problem of addiction.

The duo aligns big name actors with story lines that entertain and deliver a positive message for confronting drug and alcohol related issues. Cauffiel cites evidence from the University of Sothern California that powerful narratives can be some of the best used tactics to propel people into action when it comes to managing their health.

Instead of using negative motivation, Heap and Cauffiel prefer to use positive encouragement to empower people to get help. Some of the story lines even bring comedic relief to tough situations. Cauffiel says that the company’s goal is to provide a solution to addiction and not be a part of the problem.

The company has three short productions under its belt thus far – Bed Ridden, Men in a Box, and Plan B – all part of a series called A Trilogy of Recovery, which recently made its debut on the red carpet. The trilogy is all about the ups and downs experienced by recovering addicts.

According to an article featured online at Hollywood Today, Primary Purpose Productions aims to share the trilogy with schools, health administrators, and 14,000 treatment centers across the country.

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