United States Drives Illicit Drug Demand

United States Drives Illicit Drug Demand

As more and more media attention is focused on the drug wars occurring in Mexico and along the U.S. and Mexican borders, the realization that it is the U.S. appetite for drugs that is fueling the flames is often forgotten.

In a recent Jamaica Observer report, the reality that no other nation in the world can outspend the United States on illicit drugs and on the illegal use of drugs hits very close to home. In other words, the United States is responsible for the promotion, maintenance and survival of the multi-billion dollar drug trade throughout the world.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently visited Mexico and acknowledged the role this country plays in the overall drug trade. Clinton asserted that the U.S. demand for illegal drugs and illegal gun trades is helping to drive the drug war.

Part of what is continuing to fuel this dilemma is the reality that more emphasis is placed on the supply side of things rather than the demand. As more and more efforts are expended on preventing these drugs from entering the country, traffickers are increasingly successful at avoiding the prevention methods and delivering to their customers.

Even though the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration has reported relatively stable numbers in terms of drug use, the level of drug addiction in the population is still at an alarming level. In fact, while overall use among adolescents has declined, illicit use of prescription drugs between the 18 to 25 age groups has risen.

Drug addiction continues to threaten the health of society, plain and simple. What users may view as their own personal addiction is really something much bigger as it contributes to the overall problem within this nation. As long as the user continues to demand product, it will still be delivered.

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