One-Pot Meth Labs Increasing in Oklahoma

One-Pot Meth Labs Increasing in Oklahoma

There are poisoning rumors in Oklahoma and the culprit appears to be meth labs that have developed a new way to cook the drug. According to a News OK report, the “one-pot” or “shake and bake” process of meth production is gaining popularity, even as deaths continue to increase.

Oklahoma law enforcement is cracking down on the growth in meth labs, seizing nearly 300 by the end of May. To date, the state is on track to surpass the 743 labs indentified and dismantled in 2009.

Darrell Weaver, executive director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control, noted that the majority of the labs being seized by law enforcement are one-pot labs. This process is not meant to support a major drug operation, but instead to feed an addiction.

The growth in one-pot labs is due in large part to the ease in which a lab is created. Common materials are used to create the drug and recipes are easily found online, along with step-by-step instructions.

In the state so far this year, there have been 26 deaths associated with meth. The causes of these fatalities range anywhere from overdoses to accidents that occurred while cooking the drug. In 2009, 68 deaths were identified.

For the majority of these one-pot shops, money isn’t the intention. A good number of these “cooks” will make arrangements with their clients to trade meth for pseudoephedrine.

It is a circle of addiction that is difficult to stop, especially given the ease in which it starts. The consequence, unfortunately, is that too many “cooks” are dying as a result of their activities – deaths that are completely preventable.

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