Life of Heroin Addiction Leads to Crimes

Life of Heroin Addiction Leads to Crimes

A heroin addiction was fueling the crimes committed by one James A. McDougal. He was sentenced last week, according to a piece in the Register Citizen. Before leaving the courtroom, McDougal apologized and blamed his crimes on his addiction.

McDougal received a sentence for 10 years in prison with five years probation as a result of participating in two separate armed robberies. He was arrested with another man and both made off with small amounts of money. McDougal claimed he wanted to use his newly stolen money to buy heroin.

According to authorities, McDougal had been dealing with a heroin addiction leading up to the robbery and was sent to a detox program after his arrest. Senior State’s Attorney David Shepack and McDougal’s public defender Christopher Cosgrove both acknowledged that McDougal’s actions were largely drug-related.

Cosgrove told the court McDougal has struggled with a heroin addiction since he was 10 years old. Even in battling with this addiction, Cosgrove did not play down the severity of the charges, noting his client did admit to charges when investigated by police.

McDougal was sentenced by Judge Ginocchio to five years probation and drug treatment upon release. While the judge acknowledged McDougal’s apologetic words, he also said it seemed McDougal was serious about not committing a robbery again to support a problem habit.

Originally from Vermont, McDougal faces pending charges that were not included in Friday’s sentencing. Part of the conditions of his release after serving time includes restitution to his victims, no contact with drug users and treatment once released.

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