Drug War Slayings Extinguish News in Mexico

Drug War Slayings Extinguish News in Mexico

With the recent killings of photographers and reporters who were willing to cover such dangerous crime stories about the drug wars in Mexico, there is now a lot of fear among the media.

The two main drug cartels that fight over control of routes to smuggle their drugs are now targeting the very sources in the media that report on this situation. According to a recent news article, four reporters have been slain recently who reported on the violent state of affairs in the Mexican drug war.

Three of them were found in garbage bags with their bodies dismembered and dumped in a canal. This news comes just a week after a female reporter was beaten, strangled and then later found at home.

Freedom groups in the press said the three photographers had fled from Mexico temporarily last year after receiving various threats.

Now, the organizations are calling for immediate action from the Mexican government to stop these brutal attacks that have killed seven of their own over the past 18 months. The trend is consistent in killing those who have been working on crime-related articles in Mexico which has included photographers as well as journalists.

The killings and constant threats have spurred a feeling of terror and intimidation for local media as well. Blogs and social media are sometimes the only means to report on serious crime right now.

Veracruz is not the only state in Mexico that is a battleground for media but also northeastern areas that border Texas.

Mexico is currently one of the most dangerous areas for journalists throughout the world despite the government’s initiative to stop the gangs and cartels there.

All of the fighting among these gangs has brought tens of thousands of deaths, extortion cases and kidnappings to the country of Mexico making it one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

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