President Obama And Mexico’s Calderon Vow to Cooperate More on Drug Crimes

President Obama And Mexico’s Calderon Vow to Cooperate More on Drug Crimes

United States President Barack Obama and Mexico’s Calderon both agree to work closer to fight the battle on narcotics in Mexico at their recent meeting at the White House Rose Garden. Calderon told Obama that unless American gun flow is curbed in Mexico the drug violence would only continue.

Obama then promised to work closer in cooperation with the Mexican president to help his country fight the trade of narcotics, according to a recent news article. Obama said coordination with Calderon in the drug war is becoming better and better and acknowledged the responsibility to help suppress the U.S. problem driving drug trafficking because of the demand for illicit drugs.

Calderon says he understands the problem with gun laws in America and that it would be unlikely they would tighten up before the U.S. November election because of the 2nd Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. However, Calderon knows if we can’t stop the flow of weapons from the U.S. into Mexico they cannot stop the violence either.

He also noted there are about 8,000 gun dealers and stores along the shared border and wants the U.S. to try harder to reduce our illegal drug use. This would help curb shipments of illegal arms and also cash flow to gangs in Mexico.

The turf wars have become increasingly violent between the Mexican drug gangs and have zapped U.S. security forces confidence which only harms their international standing.

Mexican tourism has been vitally threatened due to this drug related violence and these brutal fights between the different drug cartels have caused more than 50,000 fatalities since late 2006.

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