Treating Substance Abuse Can Have a Significant Impact on Reducing Domestic Abuse

Treating Substance Abuse Can Have a Significant Impact on Reducing Domestic Abuse

The correlation between substance abuse and domestic abuse must be drawn but experts are hesitant to casually connect the two in a recent article. Nearly 80 percent of cases involving domestic violence also have a substance abuse component. The results of both substance abuse and domestic abuse don’t go away over night and sometimes have the hardest affects on children in the home.

Domestic abuse covers both emotional and physical aspects and can lead the children or spouse more open to future encounters. There is an increased likelihood that a child growing up in a home where substance abuse and domestic violence are an everyday occurrence are more likely to become abusers or abused themselves.

These children are also more likely to have academic challenges at school and in social circles, too. More than three million children between the ages of three and 17 are experiencing domestic violence every year. The only answer to this vicious circle is to seek professional treatment.

The chances of repeating the cycle are even greater for children when their mother won’t leave their abuser. An estimated 85 percent of victims of domestic abuse are women. Often times these women turn to drinking or drugs to cover the pain. This band aid can lower the women’s ability to rationalize the situation or to get help and walk away.

Addressing the issue of alcohol or drug abuse could increase the chances of ending domestic violence. Treating an entire family during substance abuse recovery programs would be incredibly beneficial.

The connect lies in that while drunk or high, a person loses the ability to make good choices and keep their emotions in check. Their inhibitions are lowered by the affects of drugs and alcohol. The thought processes of those addicted to drugs and alcohol create a certain disconnect which causes the domestic abuse.

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