Armed Robberies on the Rise at Pharmacies Nationwide

Armed Robberies on the Rise at Pharmacies Nationwide

A scary new trend has pharmacists and their technicians a bit on edge with the recent rise in armed robberies at nationwide pharmacies. Law enforcement professionals in the state of Tennessee said that in 2009 there were 35 robberies in their state and all of the criminals were armed.

Those who work the pharmacy counters are a bit more cautious lately and officials believe it to be the rise in addictions to prescription drugs such as Vicodin that is leading to the increase in robberies. Technicians who normally love their job say they are becoming increasingly concerned about the dangers of being a pharmacy technician. While they used to worry about people coming into the store and stealing Valium, now they are concerned about people coming in with guns.

The DEA reports that there is an increase nationwide in the amount of these types of robberies. Some places such as Walgreen’s have begun to store security locked cabinets that makes it more difficult to get to the popular drugs such as Oxycontin. Police say they are staying busy trying to handle these types of threats but unfortunately, our society is becoming more and more addicted to prescription pain medications according to Volunteer TV.

James Berrong, with the Sheriff’s Office in Blount County, says people who used to get their pill fix at pain clinics are now resorting to these desperate attempts to get their pills and breaking the law to do so. Berrong says people are becoming more and more desperate because of their addictions and are resorting to desperate measures such as committing serious crimes simply because their supplies have been cut off.

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