Amy Winehouse’s Addiction Detailed

Amy Winehouse’s Addiction Detailed

According to the singer’s soon-to-be ex-husband, Amy Winehouse stole cocaine from supermodel Kate Moss, temporarily died during an overdose in 2007, and wouldn’t perform without taking a hit from her crack pipe. Blake Fielder-Civil talked to the UK’s The Sun, describing how their life spiraled into a “drug-crazed nightmare.”

Fielder-Civil revealed that in August 2007, after they had spent three days using heroin and crack, he was begging her to get some sleep when she suddenly went into a fit. “It was nearly midnight and I’d finally got her upstairs. We were sitting on the bed talking. Her eyes suddenly went blank,” he said. She began foaming at the mouth and “started having a fit on the bed. She slid down on to the floor before I could stop her.”

He continued, “She started quivering again and it suddenly grew into what seemed like a full-blown epileptic fit. I was panicking. I didn’t know how to help her. I was out of it on drugs as well, and was sobbing and crying out, ‘Amy!’”

“I knew it was important to stop her choking, so I turned her over on to her side, putting her in the recovery position. Then I pulled her tongue out of her mouth so she wouldn’t bite it. She had an awful look on her face, just frightened and pale…then suddenly she just passed out and stopped breathing.”

He describes how he was sure she was dying right in front of him, but somehow managed to open her mouth and deliver air down her throat. “At first nothing happened. So I did it again. I was feeling for her pulse because I thought her heart might have stopped. Then she spluttered, and I saw her chest rise. I was still sobbing and panicking but I just felt this huge relief that she was alive.”

But shortly after she awoke, she begged for more drugs. Fielder-Civil and a friend rushed her to London’s University College Hospital, where she was put on a drip after collapsing again.

Fielder-Civil said her behavior left him terrified for their future. He said he begged her to quit her drug habit, which had already led her to having “mini seizures.” “She had everything going for her. But she ended up behaving badly just to shock. After a while that just becomes a bore. I’d warned her to stop…but she always wanted to keep on taking the drugs,” he explained.

He said his ex’s brush with death failed to scare her off of hard drugs, which he fears could still claim her life. “Amy is a fun girl,” he said. “She’s quite wild, but it’s only on drink and drugs with her. It’s just a shame because she’s very funny, very clever, and she’s very loving…but she just put everything going for her—all that talent and personality—and hid them behind drink and drugs.”

“I think having seizures and just carrying on – that is pretty shocking, pretty hardcore behavior. It’s not something I would be able to do,” he said.

He also explained that Amy would smoke crack during her live shows. “Amy would stumble off [stage], with her hands out waiting for the crack pipe,” he said. “She smoked after every song and without her next hit, she wouldn’t go on. It’s no wonder she couldn’t sing properly…The only thing she cared about was her crack pipe.”

In the interview, Fielder-Civil took responsibility for introducing Amy to hard drugs. He admitted that he smoked heroin once in front of her and she asked to try it. “I was out of my mind on drugs and I said, ‘Of course.’ She inhaled the heroin and then just sat back, smiled, and her eyes went a bit funny. She said, ‘I can see why you take this.’ Amy took to heroin like a duck to water, same as me.”

He also explained that Amy funded his heroin addiction while he was in prison and would transfer money—sometimes as much as 1,000 pounds a week—into a bank account for him. He was jailed for 27 months last year for assault and obstructing justice, and was released last November.

Fielder-Civil also told The Sun that Amy stole cocaine from supermodel Kate Moss’s handbag at a star-studded bash in New York. “Kate Moss and another supermodel were there, as well as Hollywood actresses. Kate had told Amy to get a 10 dollar note out of her handbag to snort lines with.”

“But Amy told me she found two grams of cocaine in there, so she nicked them. We did some in the toilets…but we did the rest in front of everyone. Kate was so drunk, she never noticed any was missing.”

Fielder-Civil claims that cocaine was freely available to guests of the party, held at the Gramercy Park Hotel just weeks after he and Amy married in Miami in May 2007. “There was plenty of cocaine on a table in the room available to everyone,” he said.

The former couple’s divorce will be finalized next month, though Amy is refusing to change her name. At her own assault trial last week, she insisted on being referred to as “Amy Civil” and was wearing her Tiffany engagement ring.

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