Young Scots Recommend Ban on Alcohol Advertising

Young Scots Recommend Ban on Alcohol Advertising

The Youth Commission on Alcohol, a group of 16 Scottish volunteers aged between 14 and 22, has spent a year preparing its 38 recommendations for banning advertising alcohol in public. Commission members supported plans for a minimum price for alcohol but said it would not solve problem drinking. They called for more lessons in school about alcohol abuse and research into the impact of passive drinking.

The BBC reports that the commission said many young people are negatively affected, not by their own drinking choices, but by those of others. Their report identifies a gap in existing research into the impact of passive drinking on young people and adults.

The Youth Commission said adults should be encouraged into alcohol-free lifestyle choices which created a positive leisure time culture. They also said a complete ban of alcohol advertising in public places should be a long-term goal.

Members of the commission questioned their friends and fellow students, as well as talking to the drinks industry and doctors. Their findings will be handed to the minister for public health, Shona Robison, on Tuesday.

Youth Commissioner Ryan Leitch, 22, from Glasgow, said: "We based our recommendations on the evidence we received from alcohol experts and the Scottish people. There isn’t one answer so we have come up with a number of key approaches to improve Scotland’s relationship with alcohol."

Leitch said the Scottish government’s plan to introduce a minimum price for each unit of alcohol in a drink was not the only way of tackling the issue. He said the youth commission supported minimum pricing but a "multi-pronged" approach was need to tackle alcohol abuse.

Public Health Minister Shona Robison said: "Tackling alcohol misuse is a key priority for the Scottish government and we recognize both the need to protect young people from this potential harm and the role they can play in tackling Scotland’s reputation as a nation of heavy drinkers. The Youth Commission on Alcohol has been a unique piece of work, and engaging with these young people will provide further input to our ongoing action."

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