Whitener Ink Addiction Contributed to Indian Man’s Crimes

Whitener Ink Addiction Contributed to Indian Man’s Crimes

Addiction can be a terrible thing, tearing families apart and destroying lives. The variety of substances that are abused on a daily basis could surprise many. While drugs – both illegal and prescription – are often abused, as well as alcohol, there are a number of other substances that have made their mark. For one Indian boy, that substance is whitener ink.

A Times of India report tells the story of Ahmed, a 20 year old man who has been arrested for murder. It is not his first time charged with breaking the law, but it is his first major crime. His brushes with the law have been driven in large part by his whitener addiction, which developed when he was in his teens.

Ahmed was charged for allegedly using the handle of a hand pump to take the life of Mehboob Kamatgi. The young man turned up at his father’s home, seeking food. The family turned him over to authorities.

A habitual offender, Ahmed spent time in a children’s home for his actions, which included assault and damage to public property. His addiction was so bad; he was known to attack people if they refused to hand over the money he needed to buy whitener ink.

There are some who had been involved in Ahmed’s treatments who claim his family may have made it difficult for him to be rehabilitated. They were known to remove him from treatment and other programs before they were complete, perhaps disrupting his chance for a new start.

Surprisingly, whitener ink is not a well-known addiction outside of Vasco, India, which could impede potential treatments and rehabilitation problems.

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