Understanding the Differences in Treatment Needs

Understanding the Differences in Treatment Needs

Doctors may have a new philosophy when it comes to treating patients who were exposed to alcohol when their mothers were pregnant and those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

An article recently released included information about research that once led medical professionals to believe that the treatment of children exposed to alcohol while they were in the womb and those who have ADHD should be the same, but there is new evidence to the contrary.

While the people may have many of the same side effects when comparing the two disorders like Prenatal Alcohol Exposure (PAE) and ADHD, how they handled such things as higher thinking abilities and day-to-day skills varied.

This information can prove beneficial for doctors helping patients seeking treatment for each of these medical conditions. It may also help others who work with these patients understand the reasoning behind their behaviors.

Patients with PAE and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) may have greater difficulty handling their emotions. Their behavior may be harder to manage because they may not understand why they should not act a certain way and continually show the same behaviors.

The study showed that while the alcohol-related disorders and ADHD were similar in their side effects, there were enough differences that to effectively treat patients with one or the other or a combination of the illnesses, would be an injustice in their treatment not to treat them separately.

They cannot be treated as one in the same. They must be addressed differently. Compounding the problem is if a patient was exposed to alcohol as a baby and has developed ADHD in childhood then there is another layer of treatment necessary.

Many times a one size fits all approach to medicine happens because there is not a complete understanding of the various ailments. Just because disorders show relatively the same side effects does not mean that they are the same illness. Digging deeper into what is really the issue at hand can be of extreme need to any patient suffering with a disorder.

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