Tough Economy Puts Increased Pressure on the Addict

Tough Economy Puts Increased Pressure on the Addict

There is a number of different things that can trigger a hardship for an addict, including the economy. According to a recent MSNBC report, when a job is lost and work cannot be found, addicts find it harder to stay clean.

One individual featured in the article told of his trials that first began in 2006. His alcohol problem first came to light when he was downsized and found himself in a substance abuse treatment program. Dealing with a tough job market thereafter, he struggled to find work while resisting the temptation to drink.

He finally landed a solid position, but found the temptation of alcohol at the annual Christmas party too much to resist. He ended up in the hospital as his first stop on the way to a treatment center once again. He received notice of his termination via letter delivered to his home the next day.

A touchy job market makes it increasingly difficult to overcome an addiction as companies do not have much incentive to keep and wait on an employee with an addiction problem. One professor in the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University noted that trust issues run rampant in situations where an employee has a problem with addiction.

The catch for the employee is that they are stressed and if they lose the structure of their job, they have a more difficult time battling the addiction. Even if the individual is able to keep their job, pressures of the workplace and the stressors of the economy can also create stress, putting the individual in a no-win situation.

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