The Most Addictive Drugs

The Most Addictive Drugs

All drugs are addictive to some extent, but some can hook you quicker and more deeply than others. While the use of any drug is a bad idea and risky, very addictive drugs are especially harmful. They can make changes in your brain that lead you to become addicted in a short period of time. Once you’re hooked, you will want to use the drug constantly and your health and all other aspects of your life will suffer. 

Why Are Some Drugs More Addictive than Others?

Addiction is a personal issue, and why someone becomes addicted and another does not depends on genetics, emotional history and other factors. Regardless of individual differences, though, there are some drugs that are just more likely to cause addiction than others. This is related to the chemical makeup of the drug and how it affects the brain. Certain factors make a drug more addictive:

  • How quickly the drug takes effect: A drug that can get into the brain very quickly and start acting within seconds is more likely to cause addiction than one that is slow acting.
  • How long the effects last: The shorter the duration of the drug’s effect, the more addictive it is.
  • How powerful the effect is: The greater the sense of euphoria that a drug produces, the more likely it is to cause addiction.
  • How bad withdrawal symptoms are. Withdrawal symptoms are what ultimately keep addicts going back for more. The worse the symptoms are, the more addictive the drug.

The Most Addictive Drugs

The most addictive drugs are those that best meet the above criteria, but in the end are best defined as those that are most difficult to stop using. The hardest habit to kick is the most addictive substance. Controversially, alcohol is one of the biggest culprits. Many people are unwilling to accept the fact that a legal product, that most of us use, is more addictive than illegal drugs like marijuana. Withdrawal from alcohol is severe and extremely challenging to overcome.

Crystal meth, or methamphetamine, is an illegal substance that is highly addictive. The chemical actually trains the brain to crave it, while also releasing natural chemicals that produce an intense euphoria. This means that quitting crystal meth is very challenging. Crack cocaine is similarly devious. The act of smoking it allows the chemical to get to the brain very quickly and create euphoria within seconds.

What Is the Most Addictive Drug?

There may not be a completely definitive answer, but many experts would agree that no drug is more habit-forming or more devastating than heroin. When heroin is injected into the blood stream, it gets to the brain almost instantaneously. Once there it creates an intense euphoric feeling that doesn’t last long. It mimics endorphins, our body’s natural feel-good chemicals and there are receptors for it throughout the brain and even in other parts of the body. Withdrawal symptoms for heroin are intense and nasty. All of these factors combine to make heroin the most addictive drug available.

All drugs, by their very nature, are addictive. They act in the brain to create sensations that range from pleasant to powerfully exhilarating. Levels of addictiveness vary, but never think you can’t get hooked on any drug. They are all habit-forming and they are all dangerous. The only way to guarantee you will never be addicted is to never start using drugs of any kind.

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