Teen Heroin Addiction Growing Rapidly in Seattle

Teen Heroin Addiction Growing Rapidly in Seattle

Parents with teens in high school are generally focused on making sure their child is performing properly in class and meeting expectations in order to graduate and move forward with future plans. For parents of students of Stanwood High School outside of Seattle, the bigger battle is against an addiction to heroin.

An ABC News report captured the seriousness of this situation, where nearly 50 students at the school are battling a heroin addiction. One girl, Abigail Achison, dropped out of school to indulge her habit. She told ABC News that it only took one time for her to get hooked.

The problem has intensified to the point that school officials and community members gathered in a town meeting to raise awareness and rally help for teens in the area. With the problem of heroin addiction growing within the Seattle community, parents and citizens alike are searching for answers.

Earlier this year, a middle school janitor was found with 60 bags of heroine. Two other dealers in the area were arrested weeks later, found dealing near a suburban soccer field. Drug Enforcement Administration agents point to the back of the bleachers to find the latest stash and users do little to try and hide their trail.

According to experts, the problem with heroin is growing due to its increased accessibility and affordable price. Dealers readily sell a small bag of heroin to teens for as little as $5 – which is a much cheaper trip than a movie theater ticket or even a six pack of beer.

The rise in addiction is no accident – dealers are very smart marketers who know exactly how to attract and keep their customers. Many use common pop culture or free promotions to get a first-time customer, relying on the addiction to grow rapidly to gain loyalty.

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