Technology Addictions Among Students Similar to Drug Cravings

Technology Addictions Among Students Similar to Drug Cravings

A new study finds that student addiction to their technology is similar to drug cravings. When deprived of using their gadgets the feeling is comparable to those same symptoms felt by smokers or addicts who quit cold turkey. Four out of five students experienced noteworthy distress both mentally and physically, according to The Telegraph.

Other symptoms experienced included confusion, extreme isolation and panic when they were forced to put away their technology for 24 hours. College campuses throughout the world found that students have admitted to having addictive tendencies when it comes to such modern technology as their cell phones, laptops, television and sites for social networking like Twitter and Facebook.

To conduct this study, there were nearly 1,000 students interviewed from 10 countries at 12 different campuses. The majority were not able to willingly avoid their devices for a full day.

Research from the University of Maryland found students admitted to anxiety attacks, depression and even cravings when they were forced to surrender their media devices. One American student said he had overwhelming cravings which were similar to the itching felt by a crack head, or cocaine addict.

The study did conclude that the majority of students weren’t able to go the entire 24 hours without access to any media. The students themselves even described their symptoms as anxious, confused, fretful, irritable, insecure, nervous and restless, just to name a few reactions.

A leading professor on the study noted that the technology did change relationships the students had. Young people in today’s’ world have literally spend their whole life being plugged in and don’t know anything else.

However, when students were without their cell phones or other gadgets they did say they did participate in conversations that were more in-depth than they normally would have. Several even reported a difference in quality and depth of their conversations.

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