Synthetic Drugs: You Don’t Know What You’re Getting

Synthetic Drugs: You Don’t Know What You’re Getting

Add another battle to the war on drugs. Synthetic drugs are becoming increasingly popular as well as dangerous to users.

As states adopt laws to curb these types of drugs, the drug makers adapt the chemicals to make them stay on the legal side of the law as indicated by a recent report. These minor changes also alter the danger of the drugs which in many cases is still unknown.

Drugs that you may have heard about in the news such as K-2 and bath salts are linked to a series of crimes. Legislators in Pennsylvania have established a ban on synthetic drugs like these in their state. Other states have and will soon be following suit.

The problem with synthetic drugs is that you may not always realize they are drugs. They can be masked as other products, but the purpose for their use is to get high. Businesses can legally sell the fake products, but the actual chemical makeup is what makes them illegal and extremely dangerous to their consumers.

Synthetic drug are not only costly to the purchasers, but to the states that enforce laws against them as well. Each alleged drug that law enforcement comes across has to be sent to the crime lab for validation of what the chemicals are. The laws are still gray in some states that prosecutors may not press charges against the defendant because with the change in chemicals they may not be technically illegal.

These issues pose additional problems for law enforcement and legislators in the state. It is almost impossible to keep up with all the potential chemical changes that might occur, so many states have adopted laws under the position that if the chemicals closely represent the synthetic drug then they are illegal.

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