Substance Abuse Among Pregnant Women Prevalent

Substance Abuse Among Pregnant Women Prevalent

Drug and alcohol use during pregnancy is dangerous for the unborn child, but some mothers-to-be continue to put their babies at risk.

A Web MD article indicates that some women still continue to abuse drugs and alcohol while they are expecting a child. African American women, then Caucasians are the demographics that seem to have the highest chance of using while pregnant, while Hispanics are the lowest.

Using illegal drugs and drinking while pregnant can contribute to prematurity, low birth weights and defects and stillborn births. In extreme cases, the chance of the child developing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) can increase. FAS children can develop mental or physical problems as well as have slowed growth.

Another potential problem is that some babies may end up being born chemically dependent on drugs or alcohol. When babies have addictions at birth, the process they must go through to withdrawal is long and often painful for the child.

When women know that these risks can be so dangerous to their children, why do they continue to be so careless with the prenatal care of their babies? Some believe the message just isn’t getting to the right populations.

While it may be difficult to believe that anyone would not know that drug and alcohol use while pregnant is dangerous, some women may not have the resources available to help them understand why they should not partake in such substances.

Some women may also be so addicted, even trying to stop using while pregnant, may seem impossible in their eyes and not worth the withdrawal symptoms.

With so many chances that things can go wrong in pregnancy, even when you do the right thing, most mothers want to give their children the very best start in life from the moment they are conceived. Some women just do not realize how detrimental their decisions could be for their babies at birth and throughout life.

If the message could only get out to those mothers-to-be, then perhaps all children could get the best first step of life through the health of their moms.

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