President Obama to Sign Ban on Synthetic Marijuana and Bath Salts

President Obama to Sign Ban on Synthetic Marijuana and Bath Salts

The Senate just gave final approval to put a federal bath on hallucinogenic bath salts and synthetic marijuana. They are now waiting on the approval of President Obama, says Senator Charles Schumer.

According to a recent article, the bill was sponsored by Senator Schumer from New York and prohibits 31 chemical substances that are sold online. The products are also sold in smoke shops and convenience stores as bath salts, synthetic marijuana and synthetic hallucinogens. The drugs are labeled under names such as Legal Plunk, Tranquility and Zoom and have been known to invoke panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and violence. These side effects mirror the same ones as methamphetamines and cocaine.

Schumer said they have seen many "heinous" crimes recently that have involved bath salts. Federal legislation was approved by the House earlier and recently passed by Senate as well following county and state efforts that block sales of synthetic marijuana or cannabis. Just a few months ago, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo ordered bans on sales of incense-like substances throughout the state. Nassau and Suffolk County Legislatures both passed bans in recent months as well.

In 2011, the state of New York outlawed distribution of man-made substances mephedrone and MDPV that are used to make these powdery bath salts that people usually inhale to get high. The New York Poison Center that covers most downstate counties in New York has received over 100 reports in the last year involving health problems related to synthetic marijuana use.

Of those cases, 57 were sent to the ER due to moderate or major health side effects. The proposals were built into the FDA Safety and Innovation Act that is expected to be signed by Obama soon and will provide $6 billion to the agency for user fees in the medical industry.

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