The Role of Prescription Tablets in Drug Abuse

The Role of Prescription Tablets in Drug Abuse

According to officials with Drug Enforcement, prescription pads are used frequently in the growing prescription drug abuse crisis. What used to be simply a common staple in the doctor’s office for writing prescriptions for patients, how now become part of a dangerous epidemic.

Recent cases have shown prescription pads being stolen from doctor’s offices only to be used to attain such addictive painkillers as OxyContin or Vicodin. Other cases have shown that such pads were being printed by counterfeiters for false use, according to a recent article.

Many lawmakers and law enforcement types are now seeing these forged and stolen pads in a disturbing way that encourages fraud. These prescription pads are now in large demand in the black market where law enforcement officials say drug dealers pay upwards of $400 for stolen prescription drug pads.

California used to be required to make triple copies in their doctor’s offices up until 2005. That requirement was then later dropped with the introduction of tamper proof forms but then criminals found ways to counterfeit these as well.

Several experts now believe it is time to replace the paper prescription with an e-prescription that emails the prescription electronically to the pharmacy. Many offices are already using this form of prescribing.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has already said there are many computer based tools being used by criminals to make fake prescriptions. Many appear to be so real law enforcement has trouble telling them apart from the legitimate ones.

In the L.A. area, police recently raided a diagnostic imaging office that had thousands of bare prescription pads as well as a supply of prescription painkillers in storage. The pads were printed with doctor’s names on them which were in violation of a state law requiring them to be sent only to the office address for that specific doctor.

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