Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Craigslist Drug Sales

Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Craigslist Drug Sales

Many in pain can’t get a painkiller prescription from their doctor. Yet seemingly anyone can get on Craigslist and purchase illegal painkillers as easily as a used book. Officials are trying to find a balance where those who need pain medication can receive it, and those selling and buying it online are prosecuted. In the meantime, state legislators are weighing in on the problem of illegal online drug sales.  

Senators Take a Stand

California State Senator Ted Lieu and Nevada State Senator Tick Segerblom have brought national attention to the latest ploy of making profits from painkillers and endangering the health and lives of others. They have confronted Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster and requested that his company block listings that offer the illegal sale of prescription drugs.

Senator Lieu first became aware of the sales when a recovering drug addict shared his story with Lieu. The addict confided that he had been buying the drugs on Craigslist – it was easy and convenient. Senator Segerblom joined Lieu in his concern and is also campaigning against illegal drug use online.

Out of Illegal Hands

To prevent overdose and misuse, doctors and pharmacists have been taking greater care with the dosage of painkillers they distribute. Tougher standards on distribution are meant to protect lives, not punish those who truly need the medication. But patients living with pain are just trying to get through their workday.

Lieu and Segerblom want to get the drugs out of the hands of criminals so that those patients who truly need it can have access. In October the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department arrested 21 people suspected of selling Oxycontin and other prescription drugs on Craigslist. Craigslist was found to harbor criminals who sold many different types of drugs that are illegal to sell without a prescription, including Adderall, Viagra, Cialis, Xanax and many more.

Danger to Children

Senator Lieu chose to challenge Buckmaster not only to protect adults, but all the children who view Internet transactions as easy.

Not all drugs sold illegally are what they say they are on the bottle’s label. If someone takes pills labeled as one thing, yet it does something else, they risk adverse reactions. Moreover, paramedics would mistakenly believe the label on the medication bottle.

As legislators like Lieu and Segerblom take a stand against illegal sales of prescription drugs online, families become further aware of the risk that might be confronting their children. Through vigilance and open communication with their children parents might be able to talk with their children about the risks of illegal drug sales before an advertisement catches their child’s attention.

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