Lance Armstrong Still Facing Drug Allegations Years Later

Lance Armstrong Still Facing Drug Allegations Years Later

Seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong is facing doping allegations again. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) recently filed formal charges against the 40 year old who was training in France for a triathlon.

He has been immediately banned from triathlon competition and Armstrong responded with a statement claiming the allegations are fueled by spite and completely false. In 1999, after winning his first Tour victory he was dogged by the same allegations and had hoped this was all in his past.

Armstrong was relieved when the most recent two year probe ended just this past February after the burdensome emotional toll it took on him, according to The Washington Post. USADA officials say they will be relentless in their investigation by pursuing former doctors and teammates. Armstrong was notified through a 15 page letter.

The USADA claims they have evidence from 1996 that proves he is guilty through blood samples from 2009 to 2010 that are consistent with EPO and blood transfusion manipulation. While the letter didn’t give specific examples they say evidence is based on teammate interviews and anonymous witnesses.

They supposedly have over 10 cyclists and team employees who say they will testify to witnessing or hearing him talk about using altering drugs over the course of nine years from 1996 to 2005.

Perhaps the most serious claim comes from Tyler Hamilton, a former tour teammate who claims he saw Armstrong taking EPO during several tours.

Armstrong has until the end of this month to file a response to these current charges. His attorney has accused the USADA of offering other cyclists a sweet deal for testifying or providing evidence against Armstrong.

Armstrong is still a popular figure partly due to the charity work he does for cancer victims. Armstrong also said that fair consideration of all of the allegations has and continues to prove him innocent.

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