Feeding the Nation’s Drug Problem

Feeding the Nation’s Drug Problem

Prescription drugs are the topic of a national drug summit in Florida. It seems to be the pipeline that many believe is feeding the rest of the country, according to an article about the summit featuring the White House drug czar and other officials.

Top officials believe that prescription medication is currently the nation’s number one drug problem because they are easily attainable for users. They can get doctors to write orders for them or they are left in people’s medicine cabinets in their homes.

What often happens is that patients get pain pill prescriptions for a legitimate need, then become addicted and before long their habit is being fed by what was once an actual ailment, which becomes a problem they cannot kick.

Officials believe education for healthcare professionals is the key to curbing the drug problem. They believe this is the first place to start to help cut down on the growing epidemic.

While prescription pain pills is the main issue now, there are trends that indicate synthetic drugs, such as K2, Spice and bath salts, are on the rise and may be the next big thing for law enforcement. Much information out there already indicates that this problem is already here and is growing faster than law enforcement can keep up with it.

What is interesting is that the substances that are the biggest dilemma currently have also been legal in some capacity. Initially, there were other uses for prescriptions and synthetics, but people have figured out a way to abuse them.

Prior to learning more about these types of drugs, people may have been able to get by with having them in their possession, but fortunately we now know the dangers that are associated with them and they may not always be used in the appropriate way.

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