Family Says Plane Crash Caused DJ AM’s Death

Family Says Plane Crash Caused DJ AM’s Death

The family of hitmaker Adam Goldstein (DJ AM) is suing the parties it blames for the late star’s 2008 plane crash, insisting that the incident ultimately caused his death. Goldstein was found dead in his Manhattan apartment in August 2009, and the cause of death was determined to be an overdose of prescription medication.

Goldstein and fellow musician Travis Barker were the sole survivors of the Learjet crash in South Carolina in September 2008, but they both spent months receiving treatment for burns, trauma, and emotional distress.

Now Goldstein’s estate is suing the company that chartered the plane for wrongful death, claiming that Goldstein, a former drug addict, was forced to take various pain medications as a result of the accident, which left two pilots and two friends dead.

The family lawyers are also going after Learjet and the estates of the two dead pilots, according to

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