Fake Marijuana

Fake Marijuana

Spice, Black Mamba, K2, Fake Pot, and Bombay Blue are just a few names given to a fairly new drug that mimics the effects of marijuana. And up until recently, teens were able to freely access the drug from area tobacco stores and gas stations.

Spice is a mix of herbs with added chemicals (five of which are illegal) that is often marketed as a tea or potpourri, not intended for human consumption.

Because of this designation, makers are not required to reveal how much of the active ingredient is present, or what ingredients are even present for that matter. This is an alarming detail as more and more adolescents ingest this little-known substance like candy.

In fact, according to information published in The Journal of School Safety, in 2011 at least ten percent of seniors meddled in the drug. According to the article, aside from marijuana, Spice is the most popular drug used by high school kids in their last year, even surpassing alcohol.

The drug is considered to be safe by the National Institute of Drug Abuse. However, many dispute that claim. In fact, the drug is said to play tricks on the mind, even initiating hallucinations.

Dr. Sanford Vieder who serves as director of the Emergency Trauma Center at Botsford Hospital states that the drug is not calming like marijuana but has been known to cause users to get violent.

The drug has already been implicated in the death of one 18 year old boy, Oliver Smith. There are also claims that the drug played a role in causing 19 year old, Tucker Cipriano to forcefully turn on his family in a fit of rage that turned deadly.

Livescience.com reports that, although Spice does not contain THC, the compound is said to be ten times more potent. Even more frightening is the fact that many suppliers of the drug are found on the Internet and have links as far away as China.

Because of this, manufacturers easily evade watchdogs like the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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