Police Get Millions But Drugs Cost Google and Ryan Leaf Big

Police Get Millions But Drugs Cost Google and Ryan Leaf Big

Ex NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf was arrested a second time this week in Montana. His arrest for criminal possession of dangerous drugs, highlights the increasing epidemic we have with prescription drug abuse in the U.S. The Seattle Times reported that Leaf posted $76,000 in bond for his arrest, according to a news article.

That amount though is minuscule compared to the $500 million Google had to give to the United States government for advertising from a Canadian pharmacy that ran ads on their social networking site. The investigation is ongoing for Google but their prospects do appear to be better for their future than Leaf’s do.

Google is now taking extra measures to ensure the prevention of shady adverting on their search engine Internet site. The real winners in this investigation are the police agencies at federal and state levels that discovered this case.

The police agencies will share in the $230 million dollars that will be distributed among the five local and state agencies to pay for the legal team that helped the investigators, said U.S. Attorney Peter F. Neronha.

One state will even give $5 million to their National Guard since they helped with manpower and in the investigative efforts into the illegal prescription drug advertising and subsequent sales.

Federal agencies will also take home some of the $500 million and the U.S. Postal Service is slated to receive $40 million as they helped deal with the portion that looked into the shipping of drugs from Canada into the U.S. $35 million will also go to the Internal Revenue Service and $15 million will go to the U.S. Secret Service.

Some of the agencies will use the funds for training and equipment and for investigations necessary to law enforcement and will reward crime fighting operations.

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