Drug Addiction Drives Increase in Break-Ins in Boston

Drug Addiction Drives Increase in Break-Ins in Boston

Drug addiction can have a significant impact on the user, as well as those around him. Loved ones will often struggle to watch the abuser destroy his body and his life. It is not increasingly the case where loved ones will also watch him turn to a life of crime.

According to a report in the Boston Herald, break-ins are on the rise in the Boston area, an 11.5 percent increase throughout the city. Police believe drug addiction is fueling the rise. In Roxbury in particular, the area has seen 307 break-ins, compared to 177 for the same period last year.

Boston Police Department Captain John Davin points to drug addiction as the culprit in the area. Mission Hill is considered to be the target area for break-ins, partially driven by the demand for small, highly valuable and easy to carry electronics. The transient student population is a prime target as they all have laptops and other hot-button items.

Aside from the growth in Roxbury, there has been a 52 percent increase in Mattapan and a jump to 129 break-ins from 66 break-ins in 2008 in East Boston. At the same time, there has been a 26 percent drop in burglaries in the South End and a 17 percent drop in Dorchester.

Police believe the large draw in East Boston is the growing immigrant population that tends to keep money at home instead of in banks. A door-to-door education campaign has been suggested to warn residents of the risk they are taking and how they may improve their safety and protect their money by using a bank.

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