Drug Abuse Numbers Rapidly Rising Among Baby Boomer Generation

Drug Abuse Numbers Rapidly Rising Among Baby Boomer Generation

Baby Boomers, representing 78 million Americans, may also represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the population to experiment with drugs, say experts.

Experts believe around five percent of the Baby Boomer population is using illegal drugs, which they have declared a sharp increase. Records indicate a greater than two-fold increase in the numbers of Baby Boomers who have received heroin addiction treatments in the past two decades, and four-times growth in numbers receiving treatment for cocaine addiction.

Baby Boomers using prescription drugs show the highest jump, with a five-fold increase in 50-something adults seeking treatment for the addiction. Many may have begun use of painkillers following back injuries or surgeries, which tend to increase as they reach middle age. They are also receiving the medications for conditions like arthritis or joint surgeries — a byproduct, say experts, of a greater emphasis on physical exercise in this generation.

Many of the 50-somethings in the demographic say they remember witnessing people using drugs as they were growing up, and they may have experience with marijuana and other drugs in their histories.

Some, according to a CBS New York article, may have escalated their early drug use of marijuana into cocaine, heroin or prescription pills. Baby Boomers who were intereviweed said drugs were easily accessible during their teen years – and the widespread posting of illegal drugs in Internet sites may be brining back some of that accessibility.

The Baby Boomer generation, predict experts, will live longer and stay well longer as a whole than previous generations – and they also have more wealth than previous generations, which could contribute to their access to recreational drugs.


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