Designer Drugs Driving Users to Emergency Rooms

Designer Drugs Driving Users to Emergency Rooms

Traditional reports concerning emergency room visits due to drug abuse focused on drugs such as cocaine, heroin or LSD. Today, the attention must go to the use and abuse of what we once considered household drugs.

This Internal Medicine News report stressed the use of designer drugs such as Spice and bath salts. According to Dr. Mark B. Mycyk, emergency room visits as a result of new drug use and the abuse of nontraditional substances have increased 187 percent.

Dr. Mycyk points to the Internet as offering a wide range of information and providing the platform for powerful influence in what should be considered an epidemic. A physician with Chicago’s Cook County Hospital, pointed to websites readily offering designer drugs and will ship products anywhere.

Bath salts are also known as Bliss, Ivory Wave and even White Lightning. Also referred to as plant food, these bath salts are not what you might find in the pharmacy section of your local Target store. Instead, the version available online is a powerful stimulant and hallucinogen with the power to cause psychiatric and cardiovascular effects.

Also known on the streets as K2, Spice is a synthetic version of cannabinoid, which was developed for animal research. A number of emergency room visits have resulted from K2 use and abuse as the drug is much more powerful and potent than natural marijuana. While a number of versions of K2 are illegal in the U.S., new versions are easily made with a minimum of chemistry acumen and legal authorities can be evaded.

When used in extremely high doses, the common household spice nutmeg can deliver powerful hallucinogenic properties. A small proportion of those who wind up in the emergency room due to nutmeg use took an extremely large dose or simply had complications as a result of its use.

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