Demi Lovato: A Young Star Finding Her Way Through Addiction and Recovery

Demi Lovato: A Young Star Finding Her Way Through Addiction and Recovery

At 21 years old Demi Lovato has already been a screen star, music sensation and a recovering addict. Now she’s clean, sober and headed toward future success.

Lovato’s mother is a former Dallas cowboy cheerleader and country musician. So it’s no surprise that Demi stepped onto the set of Barney and Friends at age 10. From there she starred on the TV shows As the Bell Rings and Sonny with a Chance, as well as the Disney movie Camp Rock.
In 2008 Lovato joined the Jonas Brothers for their Burning Up Tour. It was during that tour that Lovato’s world started to unravel. She physically assaulted one of the dancers on the tour and was asked to leave. Lovato tells how the next thing she remembers was slurping down vodka from an empty soda bottle and starting her day by retching in the car. Only then was she ready to enter rehab.

The young woman tells how she struggled with bipolar disorder, an eating disorder and abuse of cocaine and alcohol. Lovato says that as an 18-year-old she couldn’t last even one hour without cocaine. She smuggled the stuff onto planes, all while living 24 hours a day with a sober companion.

Lovato says she spent years lying and manipulating the people around her, with help from promoters who fed her vices. To get the star to show up at a particular club or restaurant, promoters gave Lovato, still a minor, drugs and alcohol. But she also points out she just wasn’t interested in getting help.

When she finally met a serious enough consequence, Lovato was ready to tackle her demons. She is now sober and doing well.

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