Celebrity Rehab Launches Fourth Season

Celebrity Rehab Launches Fourth Season

VH1’s Celebrity Rehab is off to a new season with a new slate of celebrities with drug addiction. Dr. Drew will be hosting Jeremy London who starred in Party of Five, Leif Garret who was a teen idol in the 70s, and Jason Wahler of The Hills among others. Eric Roberts, actor and brother of Julia Roberts, will also be on the show.

Eric Roberts has tweeted about his stint in Celebrity Rehab, posting the message that he is doing the show. He also tweeted, “I’d like to move out of the weed garden & into a place where things can blossom & grow.” Roberts, according to his wife, quit alcohol and other drugs about 15 years ago, but then became hooked on medical marijuana. He reported uses medical marijuana to deal with anxiety.

Participants in the show receive treatment at Pasadena Recovery Center under the auspices of Dr. Drew.

There has been some controversy around the show because many of the participants are at a low point in their lives, and some argue they are not in the right frame of mind to give permission to follow their treatment and recovery.

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