Celebrity Chef Drug Scandal Sheds Light on Abuse

Celebrity Chef Drug Scandal Sheds Light on Abuse

Shocking news came to light in the trial of two assistants to the celebrity chef and food writer Nigella Lawson. A British court released information recently that points to a decade of substance abuse by Lawson.
Lawson, a cast member of ABC’s cooking show The Taste, allegedly used cocaine, marijuana and illegally obtained prescription drugs on a daily basis for 10 years. Two assistants who were charged with defrauding Lawson and husband Charles Saatchi of a half million dollars made the drug claims. The accused said they were allowed to use Lawson and Saatchi’s credit cards as long as they kept Lawson’s drug abuse quiet. The trial ended in acquittal.

Lawson said on the stand that she had some experience with drugs but that it was nothing close to what the accused had claimed. She went on to say that the statements made against her were a background campaign built to destroy her reputation.

As with any celebrity-related issue about drugs, this incident sheds light on substance abuse issues and the fact that they aren’t just happening in the poorest neighborhoods.  They can affect your neighbor, your co-worker, a family member and Hollywood celebrities all equally.

The answer for people caught in the grips of substance abuse is professional guidance at rehabilitation clinics. The American Psychiatric Association has found that only 10 percent of people with substance abuse issues will seek treatment. Addiction costs users their most important relationships, their jobs and, in some cases, their freedom.

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