Business as Usual in Drug Abuse Case

Business as Usual in Drug Abuse Case

It’s not just fly-by-night pharmacies taking the wrap for filling illegitimate prescriptions, a well-know pharmacy chain is under fire for allegedly doing the same thing.

For the time being, CVS Caremark Corp. can conduct business as usual after a judge issued a temporary restraining order after ruling the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) did not have a solid case as to why two pharmacies at question were being shut down, according to a recent Reuters’ article.

The DEA raided two CVS pharmacies in Florida after accusations they were filling bogus prescriptions for controlled substances, including oxycodone. Part of the DEA case was based on the volume of painkillers that were being filled at the two pharmacies. Investigators also questioned why the pharmacies did not scrutinize prescriptions being ordered by physicians who are currently being investigated after their affiliation with so called “pill mills” or pain clinics in the state.

Part of the judge’s ruling cited that there needed to be more evidence by the DEA to officially shut down the Florida stores prohibiting them from filling prescriptions. CVS’ position was that their businesses would take such a hit not being able to fill those requests, that the long-term economic effects would be devastating. The judge agreed.

Cardinal Health Inc., who owns the CVS pharmacies in question, also owns two other pharmacies under investigation. Those pharmacies were also threatened to be shut down until a judge ruled that they too can continue to fill prescriptions pending further investigation by the DEA.

The crackdown on pharmacies in the state of Florida comes after several pain clinics were shut down by the feds under claims that the physicians who were writing the prescriptions were doing so without a defined medical need. They were operating as “legalized drug dealers” to drug dealers and users feeding their addictions.

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