Dangerous Symptoms of Bath Salts Last for Days

Dangerous Symptoms of Bath Salts Last for Days

The symptoms sound like something straight out of a horror movie. After consuming a substance, the victim loses control. The substance makes them see horrifying things that aren’t really there and feel paranoia to the extent that they try to kill themselves or others. They don’t want to harm themselves or others, but the substance overtakes them and for days they grapple with extreme emotions and acts of aggravation and violence.

Unfortunately, this is real life. This is what doctors are seeing in individuals who are using street drug bath salts. What was expected to bring on a thrilling high instead poisons the mind and mannerisms of an individual and has dangerous symptoms that last for days.

Poisoning the Mind

Researchers from the National Science Foundation have seen a frightening trend in the use and effects of bath salts. Dangerous, irreversible symptoms last for more than hours-they last for days. Even after using heavy sedation to calm the patient, the symptoms suddenly reappear.

Symptoms of using bath salts include the following:

  • Extreme paranoia
  • Psychotic behavior
  • Violence
  • Agitation
  • Hallucinations

Researchers attribute the extreme behavior to MDPV, a substance found in bath salts such as NOLA Diamond, Hurricane Charlie, and Bayou Ivory Flower. MDPV is 10 times stronger than cocaine and causes the dangerous symptoms to last for days.

Some who are high on bath salts harm themselves in their delusion while some harm others. A Miami man who was high on bath salts chewed off the face of a homeless man and would not stop until police shot him.

Recurring Episodes

One of the most disturbing trends that researchers have seen in the use of bath salts is the strength of the drug to keep coming back for days and inflicting victims with recurring delusional episodes.

Dr. Mark Ryan, Director of the Louisiana Poison Control Center, has seen the damage that bath salts have done to lives. He has seen patients hospitalized for up to two weeks trying to get the poison out of their system.

Some patients are put on heavy sedation to try and alleviate delusional and irrational thoughts. Under sedation the patient is calmed and remains safe. But Dr. Ryan has seen multiple instances where the sedation is only a Band-Aid. As the individual comes off the sedation the delusions come right back. The intensity of the drug won’t easily disappear.

Out of Harm’s Way

Repeated episodes from a single use of bath salts can mentally overtake an individual for a dangerously long period of time and cause them to be suicidal. With prior awareness to the dangers of bath salt drugs, families can help their loved ones avoid becoming a victim of the drug’s control and help keep their family and the families of others out of harm’s way.

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