Drug Addiction Treatment is a site with information and resources related to drug addiction and the most effective treatment options. Addiction is pervasive throughout modern societies. Alcohol is the most commonly abused drug (yes, alcohol is a drug). Marijuana is the most commonly abused illegal drug. Prescription drugs have overtaken illegal drugs in terms of abuse and addiction, especially as online pharmacies have proliferated on the Internet.

Our focus is on specific types of addiction and the related addiction treatment options available. We also focus on family dynamics, codependency, Intervention, co-occurring disorders,  and various types of therapy that are used to treat addiction.

Drug addiction continues to be a persistent problem in the United States and the world.  Despite the War on Drugs, demand for drugs continues to be strong in the U.S., and there appears to be little change in this drive to obtain, use, and abuse illegal drugs.  However, a rising problem is prescription drug addiction.  While the majority of people who are prescription prescription drugs use them as prescribed, there is a certain percentage of users who will, over time, escalate their use, develop tolerance, and eventually become dependent on those drugs.  The drugs most often abused are opiates, which are traditionally used to treat pain.

The escalation of prescription drug abuse comes at great cost to society and to those addicted.  The best course in reducing drug abuse and addiction is to make treatment widely available by improving access. This means changing attitudes toward insurance coverage, and changing attitudes toward addiction so that the stigma of treatment does not serve as yet another barrier to recovery from addiction.

Drug addiction is a progressive and deadly disease.

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