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drug rehab floridaDrug Addiction Treatment offers leading facilities, qualified personnel, and high-end rehab programs perfect for dealing with addiction fast and effective. Welcome to our drug rehab in Florida!

How to safely detox from drugs

The only safe way to detox is by joining a professional rehab treatment in a certified rehabilitation facility. Anything outside that comes with uncertainty and clear medical risks. Few, if any, addicts ever break their addiction through self-medication. The vast majority of them will relapse soon into the process since they fail to realize that medication doesn’t suffice in effectively combating addiction.

In many other cases, self-medication opens the path to other forms of addiction or even co-occurring diseases. By taking matters into your own hands, you will risk developing more health problems than you try to fix. For these reasons, we only recommend professional detox, in a safe, controlled environment, where our experts can adjust the treatment and monitor your progress constantly.

Is drug withdrawal dangerous?

Depending on your condition, drug withdrawal can even become deadly. The side-effects include pain, vomiting, paranoia, or seizures, and will quickly get out-of-hand as the disease progresses. Not only that, but the withdrawal can last for weeks on end, preventing you from quitting cold-turkey.

It is the primary reason why we urge you to seek our experts’ help. We perform targeted detox in a controlled and relaxing environment, allowing you to overcome the withdrawal phase easily. Our clinicians will provide medication and permanent assistance during our residential treatment, ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

What constitutes a co-occurring disorder?

Co-occurring disorders are mental illnesses that arrive as a consequence or develop in parallel with substance addiction. The type and the severity of the co-occurring diseases will influence your ability to recover from addiction and remain sober long-term. At our drug rehab in Florida, we offer extensive dual-diagnosis treatment, involving both medication and therapeutic healing.

Conditions like PTSD, bipolar disorder, social anxiety or depression can negatively impact your normal daily functioning. Furthermore, they function as catalysts, often triggering the addictive behavior. Through programs like DBT, CBT, and EMDR, we address the roots of these problems, providing you long-term treatment and care.

Tips for staying sober

To remain sober, you must embrace a new life – one of success, health, and personal fulfillment. Since there is currently no way to repel addiction for good, the risk of relapse will always be there, as the brain will remain susceptible to the disease. To prevent the comeback, you’ll need to prepare yourself for a huge lifestyle transformation.

During our drug rehab in Florida, you will have experienced counselors working on improving every aspect of your life. With our help, you will:

  • Improve your nutrition
  • Adopt a more active lifestyle
  • Get a better job and career
  • Develop new hobbies
  • Fix your relationship with your family and friends
  • Give your life meaning
  • Grow into a better, more responsible person, etc.

At Drug Addiction Treatment, we promote change as the key to a drug-free life. Accept our help and change your future!

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