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10 Signs You Need Drug Addiction Treatment

    1. You often feel as if you are different, and that drugs and alcohol make you feel “normal.”
    2. You have developed tolerance, meaning you need more of the drug than you used to
    3. You isolate from friends and family so you can use drugs without interference
    4. You have had negative consequences such as DUIs, lost jobs, poor grades, destroyed relationships, arrests, or are underemployed due to drug addiction

  1. You have tried to quit but can only do so for short periods of time
  2. You lie to hide your drug use
  3. Your behavior has deteriorated over time, meaning you do things now that you never would have dreamed of doing in the past to support your drug addiction
  4. Your circle of friends has become narrower, focusing on friends who abuse drugs or alcohol
  5. Your physical appearance has been impacted by your drug abuse
  6. When you can use drugs and how you will get your next high preoccupies your thoughts much of the time.

If you recognize any of these signs, now is the time to find the find drug addiction treatment option to help you reclaim your life and be free of drugs.

Provided by Elements Behavioral Health
Drug Addiction is a Progressive & Deadly disease. Get Help Now!